For this wedding I was asked to be the third shooter to help out a great photographer Justin Brownwell I'll link his website below! He's probably one of the most creative photographers out there using all sorts of elements to capture that "Moment" in unique ways! This was one of the first times that i was thrown to the wolves as they say, because I didn't have much experience in the field but Justin trusted and believed in me enough to hand me his A7rii and I can vividly remember his exact words handing me his camera "Believe in yourself, You got this" this meant a lot to me as a creator because one thing most of us struggle with not only in the creative world is confidence. Justin not only trusted me to be a third shooter (not sure if he was actually really expecting something good or not but hey i'll take it) but he also featured a few of my shots I got on his website! 
Check it out here: Justin has been something like a mentor to me and i'm grateful we crossed paths! 

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